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VIP Theme Park Tours!

Non peak season 2 day Disney VIP Tour’s start at $1,335 plus 20% tip. Your party will receive 1-8 hour tour of Magic Kingdom & 1-5 hour tour of another Disney park of your choice. Also included are perks found below under #3. With all the new attractions released in the last year you will find that our services will be very valuable at all the parks. 

With family vacation’s costing $5,000 + up these days, don’t spend your money & time standing in long lines. For a small fraction of what you are spending on your vacation. You will be enjoying rides, shows and experiences with little to no wait times when doing a VIP tour with us. We like to let your party go at your own pace, not feel rushed with hourly fees. We service all of the Orlando area theme parks. For the price the parks charge for a 1 day VIP tour, you can tour with us for 4 days. Let your vacation be a lifetime of great memories not a nightmare of frustration battling the parks on your own. The biggest question from our seasoned tour groups is can we make their day as great as the VIP tour services offered by the parks themselves? Our answer to that question is written below. 

1) Ride & Character line waits 5-10 minutes.

2) Place you in some of the best spots for parades, shows and night time finales.

3) Orlando’s VIP’s helps you with- scheduling express passes w/or w/o us as a 1 time courtesy, help with what tickets to buy, activities suitable to your party and dining reservations (not guaranteed reservations) when touring multiple days with us.

4) Our tour prices are for the whole group (up to 6) not per person.

5) We also provide airport pickups & night on the town limousine services for an extra fee.

Tour Options

2 Day Disney Tours 8 and 6 Hour Tour Days $1335 + 20% Tip

3 Day Disney Tours 8, 6 & 6 Hour Tour Days (non Holidays) $1,915 + 20% Tip

3 Day Christmas Time Tours 8, 6 & 6 Hour Tour Days $2500 + 20% Tip.
All Christmas tours are 3 day minimums & start 1st thing in the morning when park opens. If you are late this will cause you to miss out on attractions. You will be able to experience 12-14 things at Magic Kingdom, 6-8 attractions at other parks. No park hopping during Christmas. There will be small breaks in between rides at times.

For groups with 7-8 people there is an extra $150 charge for the group.
Extra hours will be charged at $80.00 + 20% Tip.
Christmas Time Tours= 3 days before & 12 days after Christmas

Orlando’s VIP’s is an independent company and is not affiliated with any of Florida’s theme parks or any of their affiliates.

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